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The Government Is Doing A Terrible Job, They Lie, Cheat And Steal. It's Up To Us To Protect Protect Ourselves From Those Who Would Do Us Harm
The Patriot Vigilante community is the fastest growing American Citizen defense and protection education group in the United States. With over 170,000 Americans among our ranks we will not stop until all red-blooded Americans not only know what's really going on in our country (even what the Government won't tell us), but also how to protect yourself from every single person, organization and liar who's trying to take advantage of you. Join us today and learn from the most relentless Patriot Vigilantes in the country. It's time to expose the truth, the truth about everything...
Jonathan Chambers, Founding Vigilante
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Our mission is to collect, research and distribute the most accurate information on Earth with one goal -  Telling Americans The Truth About What's Really Going On! 

Our team of researchers sifts through thousands of articles, court documents, etc to find the most accurate information available to support out mission.

Our development team takes that information and creates compelling articles, books, videos and podcasts to help you make the right decisions.
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Our mission is to collect, research and distribute the most accurate information on Earth with one goal, to Create Patriot Vigilantes! 
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  • The Government STOLE Every Penny From Social Security Without Telling A Soul
  • ISIS Was Originally Founded By Our Own Military!
  • Lawmakers On The Verge Of Banning Assault Rifles Nationwide
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